PROMISE is a Python program with the following requisites:


  • g++ compiler

  • Python 3.5 or upper

It also requires the following packages colorlog, colorama, docopt, pyyaml and tqdm (pytest is used for the unit tests and sphinx, and sphinx_bootstrap_theme for the documentation that will be installed automatically with PROMISE)

Get PROMISE and install it

You can install the latest release using pip:

$ pip install cadnaPromise

Or you can directly download the latest version from our gitlab. In that case, you can git clone the project, and run the installation:

$ git clone
$ cd promise2
$ python install

and then a command named runPromise is installed (usually in /usr/local/bin).

Run the tests

In the PROMISE directory, you can run the tests with:

$ cd examples
$ pytest

All the tests should pass.

The tests rely on the CADNA_PATH environment variable that should be set to the CADNA path (it depends on your installation).

Generate the documentation

The documentation (this website) can be generated with sphinx, from the PROMISE directory:

$ cd doc
$ make html

And the pdf documentation with:

$ make latexpdf